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Sunday, September 26, 2021 Rescue & Rope access

Rescue and Rope access Department of IMISCo, is ready to perform following services:



1.     Industrial fields of working in altitude:


a)     Professional methods to increase safety level and prevent calamities during       working, demonstrating of rope access methods in arduous and hard access areas.

b)     Formation of anti-falling systems.

c)      Performing of techniques and methods of working in suspended conditions in height and depth by rope.

d)     Supplying of all safety and industrial equipments of working in altitude.





2.     Rescue and Rope access fields of work in altitude:


a)     Performing of rescue methods in height, depth and limited spaces.

b)     Replacement and carrying of injured persons.

c)     Providing of rescue equipments.




3.     Sporting equipments:


Supplying of sporting equipments and tools of professional sports such as rock              climbing, ice climbing and mountain climbing.