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Sunday, September 26, 2021 Mining - Introduction



Mining department of  IMISCo,  has been formed with the aim of equipping the Iran mines especially underground coal mines to the systems and the equipment for Environmental Sensing, Radio and Communication, Ash Monitoring, Ventilation, Mining Transportation, Mining Safety, Coal Washery and…

Our long term plan is to develop our effective activity especially in Mining Safety fields as well as introducing the new generation of coal washery technology that is applying in developed mining countries.

We strongly assert that we are the only powerful contractor in Iran coal mines. Experienced mining engineers of 
IMISCo, are able to run heavy projects with close cooperation of our technologic partners. Our company have several terminated projects and under execution contracts in different fields. Projects of Ventilation, Gas Sensing and Passive Explosion-Protection Safety Barrier in Tabas coal mine, Radio- Communication and Gas Sensing in Hashooni and Hojedk coal mines, Gas Sensing and Transportation and Ash Monitoring in Hamkar coal mine, Equipping of Safety Cap Lamps in Pabedana, Hamkar, Hojedk and Eastern Alborz coal mines are some current fields of activity in our mining department.

IMISCo, is ready to offer the best solution for your mining projects! Then, don't miss the chance to contact with our department!