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Sunday, September 26, 2021 Safety

Safety Field

-This section services in safety field are inclusive of:

* Breathing protection such as air cleaning with several filters, half masks, full face masks and escape masks

* Designing Airline systems for long term breathing protection

* Personal breathing apparatus, during the work, rescue and escape

* close circuit breathing apparatus ( KO2 Working Devices) (15 min-30 min- 2h-4h) for using in places with lack of oxygen

* Relevant accessories like compressors, mask testing instrument, etc

* Portable gas detectors and detector tubes

* supplying of personal protection equipment such as chemical resistance clothes, sun and safety glasses , types of helmets, face and ear protectors, anti scratch and chemical resistance gloves

* firefighting and rescue equipment such as ventilation and fire control systems, thermal camera for searching fire spot, wireless communication systems for fire fighters, remote thermometers,…