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Sunday, September 26, 2021 Radio Communication Systems

Radio Communication Systems

Mine Communications

We understand the importance of communication systems for personnel working underground in the mining environment. This infrastructure is vital in maintaining and improving both the productivity and the safety of the mining operations on a daily basis.

      Our goal is to provide an efficient communication network to service all areas of significant activity for your surface and underground operations.

       We are committed to excellence in the design, manufacturing, sales and support of communication technology for underground mining, and also offer a wealth of field experience and resources an the mining industry that is unmatched by any other vendor in the world.

Our product lines have been engineered to specific certification standards for hazardous and non-hazardous environments all over the world.

IMISCo with cooperation of its exclusive and technologic partner have performed huge Radio Communication projects in Iran underground mines and tunnels


Tunnel Construction & Engineered Solutions


We also have an established history of providing specific and strategically built communication systems for confined spaces in a variety of environments other than mines such as services, railways and roadway tunnels.

IMISCo have come across many new offered projects such as roadway tunneling project from Tehran to the north of Iran in order to fulfill its previous projects with Radio Communication systems.

MRS is a world leader in the development and installation of sophisticated communication systems for confined spaces.


Whether it is trough the implementation of two-way voice and video communications, automated equipment control, high speed data transfer, underground internet capability or emergency evacuation technology, our knowledge base and experience will assist in the evolution of your current system or the creation of a new customized solution based on your requirements. In addition, we offer complete system training and back all of our integrated solutions with around the clock support.   


"We call this expertise and innovation:

Underground Intelligence."