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Sunday, September 26, 2021 Light Construction Equipment/Belle Group

Light Construction Equipment

Belle Group


Belle Products are specially designed for the rental industry. Belle has its own in-house R&D Centre where products are developed and tested to meet customer’s needs across each different market throughout the world. Belle has extensive experience of designing and operating machinery in Europe and ensuring highest quality standard and conformity to health and safety requirements. All Belle machines are in conformity with EC legislation, on specific safety issues such as hand arm vibration levels, as well as on noise levels and other security standards.

Belle Group manufactures a complete range of light equipment for the Building and Construction market:


Compacting : Forward and reversible plates, rammers, walk behind rollers.


Moving : Mini dumper.


Mixing : Electric stirrers, portable and compact mixers, large capacity mobile and site mixers.

Concreting : Poker vibrators, screeds, beams, trowels and finishing tools.


Pumping :  Flexible shaft and hydraulic water pumps.


Cutting: Floor saws, tile saws, block splitters, diamond blades.


Hydraulic: Breakers, hydraulic packs and tools.