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Sunday, September 26, 2021 Mining Safety Equipment

Breathing-Protection equipment

We proudly introduce our safety-rescue equipment for individual breathing protection for miners and workers of chemical and metallurgical industries as well as equipment for professional rescue teams. Our extent range of Chemical Oxygen Self-Rescuers will guarantee essential protection for workers in arduous and hazardous underground areas because of various ranges of produced oxygen durability.

Closed Circuit Compressed Oxygen Respirators as well as Respirator Tester, Chemical Gas Detector Tubes, Oxygen Booster Compressor, Training Self-Rescuers and Self-Rescuer Tester are some other of our products.  


Our profession necessitates emphasizing that:

"Our quality is your safety!"

IMISCo, as the certified sole agent of JSC 'Donetsk Mine-Rescue Equipment Plant' (DZGA) in Iran have powerful role in supplying and servicing its Ukrainian partner's products for all Iranian coal mines.

More information about our participation is available in: www.dzga.com

Explosion-Protection Equipment

A number of east-European mining countries increasingly have turned to the new "waterbags" fire suppressant system for underground explosion-protection purpose. In 1999 the newly-developed "waterbags" system were presented. This water barrier system was intended as a passive explosion-protection device for use in underground coal mining.

Patented, tested as effectively flame extinguishing and concentrated explosion protection barrier system out of multitude waterbags WATA installed at regular intervals in all underground galleries of mines. Basically in some countries the great advantages of water and other hydroscopic agents for application as a protection against coal-dust explosions are insufficiently unknown.

The containers (waterbags) are manufactured of white polyethylene foil with additives for ensuring inflammability and a painted black anti-electrostatic grid. When the empty containers have been filled with water they take the form of cushions.

In comparison with traditional stone-dust explosion-protection barriers (alternative systems) the waterbags are much comfortable in transportation with any loses, also to built up the barrier is much easier – instead of shelves only the steel bars are used. This type of barrier is much cheaper not only because of lower bag price relating to the trough but also it's less time and material consuming. One of the biggest advantages of this system is the possibility of checking the liquid level if all bags are full of water, so that it is seen clearly by purely optical view.

Extinguishing of strong and weak underground explosions, protection of human life, roadway system and underground machinery are some applications of this generation of barriers as well as flame resistance, antistatic specialty and mining approval as other advantages of these safety barrier systems.



Experts and engineers of
with supervision and cooperation of our technologic partner have planned to equip all coal mines by this type of patented safety system instead of traditional stone-dust barrier system out of multitude wooden shelves as a reliable reference for future goals in Iranian coal mines.